Jingles Spring IN-Store Striper/Bluefish Tournament WINNERS!

A little bit of a late start – but better late than never. We will be holding our Spring In-Store Tournament again this year. $10 to enter. Runs from May 1 – June 28, 2020. 60% of the pool will go to the angler weighing in the heaviest Striped Bass (between 28″ and 38″), and 40% of the pool goes to the angler weighing in the heaviest bluefish. All fishing must be done off the surf – no boat. Each prize winner will also receive a $25 Jingles Gift Card. Tiebreak will be length. Total pool to date: $370.

Striped Bass Winner: Pat Gallen: 36.5″ and 13.26lbs

Other weigh-ins: Richard Sherman: 33″ and 12.2lbs, Tre Avila: 32″ and 12.18lbs

Bluefish Winner: Tre Avila: 30.75″ and 8.64lbs

Other weigh-ins: Randy Bush: 26.5″ and 5.38lbs, Dylan Sparks: 22″ and 3.2lbs