Established 1976

Jingles Bait and Tackle is a small shop that has been in business for over 40 years. We may be small in size but we have a full line of bait and tackle to fill your needs.

We carry numerous items for the surf fisherman along with fishing supplies for the small boaters and or for your offshore needs. Complete supply of crabbing supplies along with any bayside fishing.

We are the last tackle shop before Beach Haven boat ramp.

In-store Fluke Tournament!! – 2nd Session has started! - In-store Fluke Tournament - August 1st through Sept. 22.  $10 Entry free.  Winners will be by weight and then by length.   Prizes:  First Place gets 75% of the pool and Second Place gets 25% of the pool.  Current pot is $140.00 Come sign up in the store! Current First Place:  Bud Gilfillan - 5.04lbs and 23.5"  
Congratulations to First Session In-Store Fluke Tournament WINNERS! - And the Winners are...... 1st Place:  Jonathan Kelly - 7.04 lbs, 26.5"   -   $323 2nd Place:   John Wall - 5.30 lbs, 26.5"    -    $108 Thank you to all those that participated.  Second session starts today - stop in to sign up!
Write a fishing report!! - Keep us in the know!  Go to "Submit a Fishing Report" and let us know how you do while fishing!  Send us your pictures too and we will put on FB, Instagram and the Jingles website!
Rent a fishing cart! - Fishing Cart rental is $25 for the first day and $15 each additional day.  ($80 for the week).
NEW THIS SEASON – Kids Fishing Clinic – Fishing with Jingles!! - "Fishing with Jingles" - Monday mornings at 9AM - Next clinic Monday, July 1, 2018. $30 - Includes: Instruction on casting and reeling A combo (rod & reel - either a 4'6" Tomahawk, 5' Eagle Claw or 5'6" Amphibian) 1 Rig and 1 sinker 1 tackle box Adults too are welcome.  Instead of one of the mentioned combos, adults can get a $10 credit towards another Combo. Maximum 6 anglers per ...
In-Store Bass Tournament – Marc Sarnitsky – WINNER!! - Congratulations to Marc for winning the IN-Store Bass Tournament.  Mark won $230 for his 17.08lbs, Length 35.75", Girth 19.5" Striped Bass caught on June 10th.  
Help for Jimmy and his medical bills - UPDATE:  Jimmy is a Marine and fighting hard to make some progress.  He has moved into a rehabilitation facility and is progressing slowly.  Kathy has set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for medical bills under her name Kathy Contreras.    


Northeast wind again today by Jingles - Beautiful, breezy morning today.  Get out and enjoy the day because it looks like storms are going to come through this afternoon again.  Fluke, kingfish and snappers on the surf.  Still getting sharks and rays at night. On the bay yesterday there was some action but mostly shorts.  It was a little rough if you got past the inlet.  Crabbing is still good with some really nice size crabs being ...
8/19 The Tide Is High…….. Good Blondie Song, Well Is There A Good Blondie Song, Really??? by Jingles - Water in front of the store, but we are open. You could fly fish in front of Jingles..... Folks, that is salt water in the streets, not just rain water. Drive SLOW through the flooded streets, please, as your wake adds to already flooded homes and businesses. Fishing should be the same as yesterday. Fluke out front and back, with snappers, kingfish, rays and sharks in the front.  


Fishing for Striped Bass – LBI Style - There are different ways to fish for your trophy fish. Boats A popular one with the boaters is to anchor in the inlet or bay with clams and or bunker. Some prefer to troll. Some of the popular lures to troll with are bunker spoons, stretch plugs and umbrella rigs. Many anglers like to use drift eels. You can only hope the bluefish are not in that area that day. ...
Weakfish Have Returned - Folks younger than 40-years-old probably will not remember the days of weakfish, caught here on LBI that would push 18 pounds. Gone are the days when you would see a dozen boats tied together using a small hook with a live grass shrimp on it and using shrimp for chum catching hundreds of weakfish using light tackle with 2-pound test trying to set all kinds of records landing this fish. ...

Farewell Message from Margaret.

Proud member of Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club.