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Fun Bluefish Action (9/23/2018) by LBI Fisher

High tide blue fishing early in the morning has been quite successful with fresh mullet and a bluefish mullet rig. Most fish 12-16 inches with some really small ones too.

Pompano (9/23/2018) by LBI Fisher

Am I crazy or did I just catch a pompano in the surf?

Michael’s 4.6lb fluke for a last day push…. (9/23/2018) by Jingles

It seems that the day of the season for fluke was fruitful.  Michael Schreiber brought in his keeper hoping to place in the tournament.  While just light for second place, it was a really nice fish at 4.6lbs and 23.5″.   There are also sea bass in the back as well as reports that anglers continue to do well with the blowfish.

In the surf we are still hearing of a “bluefish blitz”.  The blues are banging on the fresh mullet.  They are mostly coming in at a couple pounds in size.  Surf still producing an occasional kingfish as well.

Its a bit cooler today and looks like the rain is coming soon…. 🙁

Alan Davis with his 25″ fluke weighing 6.44 was brought in last night, caught at GS South!! (9/22/2018) by Jingles

The fluke are there for one last day. Blue fish are in t he surf and the mullet are moving.

Good luck in there Harvey Cedars Tourney. And thanks to the gang that came to Jingles early to load up on fresh bait.

Bluefish alert (9/20/2018) by LBI Fisher

Caught dozens of smallish up to a pound bluefish in Holgate today.
Saw several short Fluke caught as well.
Look for the birds working the surf and you’ll find the blues.

Bluefish of the surf (9/20/2018) by Jingles

We have received reports of bluefish off the beach – not big, but a couple pounds.  Two days ago a few anglers said it was a bluefish blitz up by the Long Beach Township Police Dept.  They said they caught so many bluefish in a few hours that they tired and stopped fishing!  Also has some reports of some fluke off the surf, but no keeper reports since before the storm.

In the bay there are still snapper blues and some bigger blues, blowfish, fluke, sea bass, and a couple weakfish.  So quite a bit going on back there.

The next couple of days are going to be beautiful!  3 more days for fluke season so take advantage of the great weather!

Connor McGlynn brought in a fluke (9/18/2018) by Jingles

Connor McGlynn caught this keeper fluke yesterday – 2.66lbs and 18.25″.  He had hoped to at least make second place for the In-Store Tournament but it was a little light.  But there is still time to fish and keep fluke – 5 more days through Sept. 22nd.

So we went fishing last evening over at Morrison’s after we closed.  We caught a bunch of oyster crackers, as well as 3-4 sea bass.   A few people were out fishing for weakfish but no luck while we were there.   And as usual, Nola needs to know what is happening and be part of the action.

There were more reports of anlgers catching a bunch of blowfish in the back.  As well as some bluefish.  The surf was still a little rough, did not get any reports.

Not as wet as they originally reported this morning, yet threats of heavy downpours later today.

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