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4 weigh ins yesterday for the LBI Classic (11/18/2018) by Jingles

All bass – Rob Braack: 7.5lbs, 28″, Jeff Knoerzer:  16.58lbs, 34.75″, William Savage: 10.54lbs, 32″ and Tom Watson: 9lbs, 29.5″.  All were late in the day – first three on bunker, last one on clam.

Water settled down and since there is hardly and wind today the water is real flat.  Slight wind blowing NNE and today temperature is 43 degrees.  Water temp is now in the mid-fifties.



Conditions should be a little better today (11/17/2018) by Jingles

The surf was pretty churned up yesterday and looking like chocolate – a few people tried, but no reports of anything biting.  Today is going to be sunny and in the mid 40’s.  The surf should have calmed down a bit as winds are WNW at about 10-15mph.

No weigh ins for the tournament yesterday so the Frank Panzone $500 prize rolls over to today.  Its for the largest bass weighed in.

PBA tournament is today – good luck to all anglers!!

And now we are left with flooding and high winds….. (11/16/2018) by Jingles

It was a miserable cold, raw, windy day yesterday….  A few anglers got out in the morning, heard of a couple of shorts, but then by late afternoon I don’t know if anyone braved the elements…  The wind was bad!

Now as of 8:30 this morning, we still have flooding on the blvd.  We are back to west winds about 15-18 mph which will calm down a bit as the day gets on.  We may get lucky and get some sun later too.  Tomorrow will be sunny and the upper 40’s with west winds about 10mph.

Water temps is in the mid to high 50’s.

Another LBI Classic weigh in (11/14/2018) by Jingles

There was another weigh in yesterday – Peter Weaver with a bass caught in Ship Bottom on Bunker – 13.24lbs and 31 7/8″.   Bunker is mainly what the bass have been biting.

Today is going to be sunny but colder – NW winds blowing about 17mph with water temp in the high 50’s.  Tomorrow is going to be cold and rainy as the nor’easter comes in but winds will shift and come from the East.

Big fish being caught 2 -3 miles out. (11/13/2018) by Jingles

There was a Classic weigh in on Sunday – Brad Anthony cuaght a 15.7lb, 35.75″ bass on bunker.  Nothing since.  I am seeing reports from the north in IBSP of bass being caught of the surf.   Most bass being caught with bunker and we have plenty of fresh bunker!

Off the boats I has seen a number reports of big fish – a lot of them on Magictail Mojo’s –  which we also have in stock.  Quite a few cows over 40lbs reported from North in Barnegat Bay right down to Brigantine.  So they are there if you can get out.

Its a rainy morning and a little windy – but warmer.  Rain will work its way out by late morning.  Currently SW winds at 15 – 20mph which will become NW this afternoon.  Water temps is now in the high 50’s.


They’re there, just can’t get them to bite! (11/13/2018) by LBI Fisher

Fished in a boat Sunday the 11th mostly off the Red Tower (Beach Haven) from close to the beach to the 3 mile line.   We saw plenty of stripers and bait when we were close to the beach and had one run off around 9:30.  The rest of the day we continued to see plenty of fish and bait but they just wouldn’t bite.
Yesterday I fished on the beach in the same area (saw boats trawling in close so I assume they were marking fish) and never got a bump.
I’ll try again soon.

More weigh ins yesterday (11/11/2018) by Jingles

There were 4 more striped bass weigh-ins yesterday – three were for the LBI Classic:  Merle Van Liere with 20.52lbs, John Baxter with 11.06lbs, and Randall Krueger with 16.06lbs.   We also had Nick weigh-in a 12.8 pounder – he was the first of the morning.  Scott also had a catch that was just short and Bob Muller had this 34″ keeper but knew it wouldn’t beat one of the others so he released it!

I hear there are a lot of boats out there today.  The Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna clubs Fall Striper Tournament is today so that is at least 26 of them.  Good Luck to all anglers!


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