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A few more shopping days until Christmas! (12/16/2018) by Jingles

Today is rainy and windy – not a very nice day….  But you probably still have some Christmas shopping to do so stop in!  We are open today until 12 noon.   We will be closed this week and open next weekend again so if you don’t make it out to do you shopping today, come see us next weekend.

And don’t forget to come see us for our Christmas Eve Open House – Monday morning, Dec. 24th from 8 – 12.  We will have coffee, baileys, mimosa, donuts, bagels and more!  And everyone will get a  2018 Jingles Ornament!

They are still catching a few small ones… (12/15/2018) by Jingles

A couple small bass still being caught using the ava jigs with a teaser.  The past two days as well as tomorrow have been pretty mild  – today is 50, but rain today and tomorrow.  🙁

We have a lot of good Christmas present ideas!  Jingles hoodies, T-shirts and Hats,  Fishing Carts, Reels,  Stocking stuffers and more – and don’t forget the gift cards!

Make sure you come in and ask for an ornament too!

Tournaments over, the year is winding down….. (12/10/2018) by Jingles

Well, another fall tournament comes to and an end and the fall season was not at all what we hoped..  Only one fish this past week..  There Classic had:  40 fish (striped bass) weighed in.  Only 4 were over 30lbs, 1 in the 20’s (20.52) and the rest under 20lbs.

There were reports of a lot of bass over the past couple of days but the biggest were 24-25″.

We are now closed during the week, open the next two weekends and closing for the season on Christmas Eve.  We once again will have our Christmas Eve Open House from 8 – 12 in the morning with coffee, bagels, donuts, mimosa and more.  Please come in and close out the season with us!  Everyone who comes in will receive the Jingles Ornament!

Last day of the tournaments! (12/9/2018) by Jingles

So today is the last day of the LBI Classic and the Jingles In-Store tournament and I am told there are a bunch of bass out there off the surf.  The biggest have been 24-25″ but there must be some 28″ out there!

Its cool and overcast – what Tony says is perfect fishing weather.  Wind is slight N at 8mph.

After today, we will only be open on weekends – please check the December Calendar for hours on the home page.  Of course, you can always give us a call because if we are around, we will open up for anything you need.

And don’t forget – you can call or email us to order gift cards and Jingles attire and hats and we will ship them to you!

Good Luck out there today!!

Beautiful Saturday!! (12/8/2018) by Jingles

Well, if anything, its a gorgeous Saturday morning here in Beach Haven.  While its a cool 27 degrees, there is only a slight wind NNW at 8mph so its not too bad.

Still hearing of a few shorts off the surf, but nothing weighed in yesterday.  Tony came in this morning and says there a lot of fish up there today – the biggest he got was 24″, but he said he caught at least 30, using small metals.  There has to be some that are over 28″.  There are two days left for the LBI Classic and our In-Store tournament so get out there and win some money!  Our store tournament ends tomorrow at 3pm.

Things have quieted down around here but there is some holiday hub-bub at Bay Village today!  Cookie Wars!  So if you are not fishing go on down and enjoy some cookies and holiday sales!

A December weigh in yesterday… (12/7/2018) by Jingles

There was an LBI Classic weigh in yesterday –  Pete Kelly with a bass – 8.64lbs and 28 7/8″ caught in Love Ladies on bunker.  More reports just this morning of shorts still being caught.

Another cold one this morning – a cool 34 degrees but with wind chill it feels like 24.  brrrrrrr….. wind is blowing NW about 16mph.  It is bright and sunny – we got that going for us!!

We have three more days that we are open full time.  After Sunday we will only be open on the weekends.   Please check the December Calendar on the Home Page for December Hours.

Ummmm…. snow….. (12/5/2018) by Jingles

Its even colder today than yesterday and the snow flurries have started.    We still have fresh bunker and live eels.  Also have ava jigs in stock which have been used to catch the small ones all week.  The fish don’t care about the snow so can you rough it??  Because there are five days left to win some money!!



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