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Still rays in the surf (7/17/2018) by Jingles

We are still getting a lot of reports about rays in the surf, which we saw yesterday morning. Carole Ann and I got some beach time and did see a large pod of bunker a couple hundred of yards off shore. That is good sign indeed for bigger fish heading in. There are still anglers heading out at night with mackerel and bunker to go after shark.

The bay is still producing keeper fluke if you are patient and ride the drift. All have been caught on basically the same bait: minnows, gulp and/or squid on fluke rigs.

There is space available for the Monday morning fishing clinic for next Monday.

Connor got to keepers….. (7/16/2018) by Jingles

More fluke keepers in the back yesterday… Connor got a 19′ and a 22″ both on NoShorts Teasers and a Gulp grub. Snappers have shown up in the bay as well.  Some action around the fish factory too.

On the surf there are still quite a bit of action with fluke (shorts) and some kingfish.  Sharks and rays continue to be a-plenty

Also want to share that these two Jr. Mates from the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Jr Mate Program were outstanding this weekend and even caught their first yellowfin!

Its a HOT HOT one today.. Already 81 with a SW wind at 9mph.  Water temp is about 73.

Rays, rays and more rays….. (7/15/2018) by Jingles

Plenty of reports about rays in the surf and the bay. However, some anglers that got through the rays were catching fluke. As of this morning it looks like the wind has laid down a bit out back. Also had a few call outs about snappers in the bay, but not walking on them yet.

Kingfish are in the surf and we have had some reports of blues.

Keep at it, they are out there!!

Fluke in the surf, bay and off the dock (7/14/2018) by Jingles

Fluke continues to do well, although one customer said the NE wind over the past two days only produced shorts for them.  However, had a customer that caught one Thursday off of Morrison’s pier.  And winds are out of the SW today.  Reports they are hooking fluke on the surf, mostly shorts, but good action.

Had a report yesterday that snappers were a plenty in the bay as well, have not heard anymore, so let us know if you are catching them!  Crabbing is picking up too.

Its going to be a warm humid – but beautiful day!  Water temp is in the low 70’s.


Jingles (CA and Steve) first evening of some quick “fluking”!! (7/13/2018) by Jingles

Carole Ann and I FINALLY got out on the boat last evening with Connor Smilon and….. wait for it…… wait for it…… nothing….. It was however a gorgeous night with great friends and our girl Nola. It looks like tonight will be some of the same, so grab your rods and fluke rigs and enjoy.

We put a couple of lines in for a few minutes and came up short. However, I spoke to a couple of anglers that were toward the inlet and they caught a large number of shorts and  a couple of keepers. There were a good number of boats in the drift yesterday afternoon.

The surf is still producing kingfish. There are a lot of rays out front and I know we have had a steady stream of “sharkers”. Reports of fluke, shorts, in surf have continued, they are there.

We have minnows and bloodworms, with the HOPE of bunker this afternoon.

On a sad note, you may have noticed the American flag in front of the store is at half mast. This is in honor of our dear friend and neighbor Eddie Kohlmeir. Eddie passed last Monday. Eddie, in just over a year, really became a part of our family with almost daily visits, fishing advice, real estate tips and just general island knowledge. I still get a smile when I think about little Nola running into Sunset Harbour Realty and Eddie smiling and saying “little girl” as Nola would run up and paw at his lap.

We’ll miss you Pal!!

Kingfish, fluke, and rays – OH MY (7/12/2018) by Jingles

Kingfish and fluke getting more plentiful off the surf.  Kingfish are getting bigger.  Fluke are mostly still shorts, but they are there and there has been a lot of action.  Lots of big sharks still and rays a plenty.  We were on the beach yesterday (Yes, we were at the beach!) and we saw two rays just swimming around in the hole right in front of us.

In the back the fluking continues… John Wall is now in 2nd place for the Jingles In-Store tournament by hooking up this 5.30lb, 26.5″ fluke.

Nice morning today currently with temperature at 72.  Sun should come out and will get to the mid 70’s today.  Water temp is also in the low 70’s and winds are NE at about 11mph.

Kingfish and fluke in the surf… (7/11/2018) by Jingles

Kingfish and fluke are you two best bets in the surf.  One report I got was that an angler caught 6 fluke within an half hour off the surf.  They were shorts, but there was a lot of action.  Kingfish are hitting too using bloodworms or fishbites.

Fluke still doing well in the back, right behind beach haven and in the inlet.

Another beautiful day in store for us getting up to 80 degrees.  Water temp is in the low 70’s.  Wind is blowing NNW about 11mph.

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