Jingles (CA and Steve) first evening of some quick “fluking”!!

Carole Ann and I FINALLY got out on the boat last evening with Connor Smilon and….. wait for it…… wait for it…… nothing….. It was however a gorgeous night with great friends and our girl Nola. It looks like tonight will be some of the same, so grab your rods and fluke rigs and enjoy.

We put a couple of lines in for a few minutes and came up short. However, I spoke to a couple of anglers that were toward the inlet and they caught a large number of shorts and  a couple of keepers. There were a good number of boats in the drift yesterday afternoon.

The surf is still producing kingfish. There are a lot of rays out front and I know we have had a steady stream of “sharkers”. Reports of fluke, shorts, in surf have continued, they are there.

We have minnows and bloodworms, with the HOPE of bunker this afternoon.

On a sad note, you may have noticed the American flag in front of the store is at half mast. This is in honor of our dear friend and neighbor Eddie Kohlmeir. Eddie passed last Monday. Eddie, in just over a year, really became a part of our family with almost daily visits, fishing advice, real estate tips and just general island knowledge. I still get a smile when I think about little Nola running into Sunset Harbour Realty and Eddie smiling and saying “little girl” as Nola would run up and paw at his lap.

We’ll miss you Pal!!