Fall is here!

Quite a bit colder in Beach Haven this morning.  Current temperature is 45 and the high is going to be 51 today.  Water temp had dropped a bit and it now in the high 60’s.  We have not had any additional Classic or Tournament weigh-ins yet but I feel this weekend will start bringing in the fish!  There have been some great special prizes each day for the LBI Classic as well as $250 still up for grabs for the Robert “Jingles” O’Brien memorial reward that carries over from Oct. 12th.  In addition there is still a $25 gift card for the first Classic weigh-in at Jingles.  As the for the store tournament, we have the Yeti Trucker hats for the first 10 weigh-ins!

Matt and his family were on the beach in Holgate yesterday and knocked it out of the park with 23 fish overall consisting of bluefish, kingfish, butterfish and a puffer!   There are still a ton of bait fish out there too.  The big fish are coming soon.  The bay was a little choppy yesterday with the NW wind which continues today.  Still blowfish and seabass in the back.