It’s a cooler overcast and windy morning today in Beach Haven. 🙁 Winds are currently are coming from the ENE at about 15mph. This morning, the surf is choppy with 2-3 foot waves. You will need 4-5 oz to hold. The LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 52°. The air temp is currently 52° and heading to 53°.

The bay is calm and 56°.

Low tide is at 10:40AM and 11:08PM. High tide is at 3:56AM and 4:37PM.

We had our first Jingles bluefish weigh-in and it was none other than Pat Gallen! The man puts his time in for sure. Pat weighed in a 33 1/8″ and 11.00# bluefish caught in Ship Bottom on bunker. Pat’s bluefish is the first bluefish weighed in for the store tournament so he wins the $25 gift card. He was also the only weigh-in yesterday for the Spring Derby.

TOMMORROW is FLUKE opening day! Sign up to take the 2024 inaugural MISS BEACH HAVEN fluke fishing trip tomorrow from 8am -12pm – FREE ROD RENTAL!! Buy your tickets now at www.missbeachhaven.com! Bag limits this year are 3 fish over 18″ per person, per day.

We are all stocked up for fluke season – minnows, bucktails, gulp and more! Come in and check it all out.

Today we have FRESH BUNKER, SURF CLAMS, MINNOWS and BLOODWORMS! Don’t forget your bait bucket. If you do not have one, we have Jingles Bait Buckets for just $3! Catching fish?? Send us your reports to jinglesbait@comcast.net!