It’s SUNNY!! And although a little cooler today, the sun is supposed to stay out all day! The winds are coming from the NNW at about 10mph. Currently, the surf is calm with 1-2 foot waves. You will need 4-5 oz to hold. The LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 53°. The air temp is currently 45° and heading to 55°.

The bay is relatively calm and 49°.

Low tide is at 1:39AM and 1:50PM. High tide is at 7:39AM and 8:01PM.

As I said yesterday, they are here!! I was receiving pictures all day yesterday with striped bass catches! Matt and his son Max were in Holgate using salted clams. Greg S. got his first striper – 28.5″ – but released safely – and he was using salted clams. Then Travis was fishing with Kyle and Phoenix – and they both caught theirs on salted clams. Kyle caught his on his new “lucky” rod he bought here on Saturday! There were also another Spring Derby weigh-ins up in Surf City. The time to get out there is NOW!!

Don’t forget to sign up for the tournaments – you can sign up right until the last day but you need to be registered before you catch your fish! Plus we still have a $25 gift card still up for grabs here at Jingles for the first IN-store tournament bluefish weigh-in.