Daily Report

Good Morning,

Its a beautiful Beach Haven morning, a bit crisper than yesterday.  The sky is clear without a cloud to be seen.  In a nutshell, it is gorgeous morning!  The surf is once again calm with no waves breaking, to perhaps a foot.  It is a little breeze with a north wind – 2 to 3 ounces will hold nicely. The ocean temp is 63°.  The air this morning is temp is 64°, heading to 80°.

The bay is calm and 74°.

High tide is at 7:19AM and 7:32PM and low tide is at 1:23PM.

The fishing iss till ON!! Multiple reports yesterday of kingfish, kingfish, kingfish!  Bloodworms and fishbites are both working well.  Also many reports of fluke – a lot of shorts, but keepers as well.  And the cocktail blues are there too.  The bay is working fluke, blues and the occasional weakfish.  Michael and Rosanna brought back two fluke each yesterday.