Daily Report

UPDATE: Winds have picked up, seas are 6 to 8 foot and you will need 6oz to 8oz to hold.

Good Morning,

It is a cloudy morning, but NOT overcast, finally! The wind is out of the south and slightly east and relatively strong, right now. The air temp is 55° and heading to 63°. The ocean has 3 to 4 foot waves and choppy. You will need 6-7 ounces to hold. The water temp is 49°, again.

The bay is calm and 55°.

Low tide is at 2:48PM and high is 8:53PM on the surf.

I have multiple reports of shorts in the bay. Our good friend Jim Hutchinson from The Fisherman has reported that the state regs have been voted on and waiting for the other departments to rubber stamp. I will update accordingly.