Daily Report

I woke up this morning, and FOG! But then it was gone and the sun came out! Aaaand now it’s overcast …… Crazy weather…. Currently, the wind is very mild from the SW at about 5mph. I didn’t get up to the surf today but you should be good with 4-5 oz to hold. The ocean temp is 51°. The temp is currently 58° and heading to 63°.

The bay is calm and 54°.

Low tide is at 1:54AM and 1:58PM. High tide is at 7:43AM and 8:07PM.

A couple more derby bluefish weigh-ins yesterday. Pat Gallen caught a 42″ striper and we had Bud and Keith catch some keeper fluke out back using minnows. Bud’s was 20″ and Keith’s 17.5″. It’s a great time to be fishing – a lot of fish for and lots of reports of anglers doing well. You can still get into the Spring Derby for striped bass and bluefish – There is always a chance to beat out a fish already on the board. As for fluke we have started our In-Store fluke tournament – so come on in and sign up!

Today we have fresh bunker and live minnows.