Daily Report

It’s a mostly cloudy, windy and with a quick rain shower (and now the sun peeked out) type morning here in Beach Haven today. This afternoon is going to be even worse! Currently, the wind is strong coming from the E at about 26mph with song stronger gusts. The surf is rough with 3-4 foot waves. You will need at about 8 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 60° and heading to 62°. The ocean temp is 65°.

The bay is a bit choppy and 60°.

Low tide is 8:38AM and 9:48PM. High tide is at 2:43AM and 2:40PM.

Still quiet out there with the wind and the flooding over the past couple of days. We are still waiting for the first striped bass to be weighed-in for the tournament. It’s worth a bunch of money!

Today we have fresh bunker, bloodworms and green crabs.