Daily Report

It’s a mostly cloudy (sun pops out here and there), HOT and windy morning here in Beach Haven. This morning the wind is strong from the SW at about 14mph. The has a little chop with 1-2 foot waves. You will need about 3-4 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 79° and heading to 86°. The ocean temp is 77°.

The bay is choppy and 78°.

Low tide is 11:57AM. High tide is at 5:41AM and 6:10PM.

We are still getting kingfish and fluke in the surf, with some reports of small blues. Also getting sharks and rays. The inlet is yielding more keeper fluke.  Nick (19.5″) and Carol Sisco did well on Tuesday using Jingles minnows and gulp!

Today we have minnows and bloodworms.