Daily Report

It’s another beautiful, sunny, warm morning here in Beach Haven!! There is next to no wind today – very, very slight breeze up at the beach coming from the S at about 2mph. Currently, the surf is calm with 0-1 foot waves. You will need about 3-4 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 74° and heading to 78°. The ocean temp is 74°.

The bay is calm and 76.5°.

Low tide is 5:03AM and 5:00PM. High tide is at 11:04AM and 10:59PM.

Had a weigh-in yesterday! Mike Puzzo, store staffer Jordyn’s dad, and long time friend of Carole Ann … weighed in a 3.06lb, 21″ fluke he caught off the Miss Beach Haven. And Jeremy, who did a guide with Connor on Sunday, came in and bought a 7′ Penn Combo which he used during the guide, and successfully went out and caught multiple fluke off the surf! The fluke are out there! Kingfish and blues, sharks and rays in the surf too. Weakfish in the bay and small sea bass by the bulkheads. Crabbing reports are still on. 

Three full weeks left in the Jingles Fluke Tournament – 1st segment – goes until July 31st. Come in to sign up!

Today we have fresh bunker, minnows, clams and bloodworms.