Daily Report

An overcast drizzly morning here in Beach Haven today. The wind is very mild coming from the SW at about 7mph. Not sure we will see any sun today, with the chance of more storms this afternoon. Currently, the surf is a calm with 1 to 3 foot waves. You will need about 3-4 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 72° and heading to 74°. The ocean temp is 73°.

The bay is calm and 71°.

Low tide is 8:54AM and 9:39PM. High tide is at 2:30AM and 3:07PM.

Getting numerous reports of fluke off the beach. Connor’s first Advanced Fishing Clinic was yesterday and even with low tide and less than optimal conditions, they brought in a short. More reports of bluefish biting on bunker and mullet. Kingfish doing well and there are rays and sharks. In the bay you can get fluke and weakfish.

Today we have minnows and bloodworms.