Daily Report

Another beautiful, sunny morning in Beach Haven! It is clear and bright and another great day for fishing! Currently the wind is mild and out of the ENE. The surf is calm with 2-3 foot waves. You will need 3 to 4 oz to hold. The temp is currently 61° and heading to 65°. The ocean temp 59.7°.

The bay is calm and 58°.

Low tide is at 9:21AM and 9:39PM. High tide is at 3:18PM.

The fishing quite frankly has been epic off the surf so far this Spring and there no reason to think it will diminish. I have had local fisherman that have fished here all of their lives tell me it’s the best since Sandy. It looks like a banner fishing weekend coming up, so come give it a try and don’t forget to enter the tournaments!

We have fresh bunker, surf clams and bloodworms today.