Daily Report

Sea Bass Open Today!! 10 fish at 12.5″

It’s gorgeous, clear, sunny morning in Beach Haven! Currently there is a mild wind out of the SE. The surf is flat calm with 2-3 foot waves. You will need 3 to 4 oz to hold. The temp is currently 63° and heading to 66°. The ocean temp 56°.

The bay is calm and 60°.

Low tide is at 5:07AM and high tide at 4:50PM. High tide is at 11:08AM and 10:52PM.

The beach is filled with fishermen today – because there stripers in the surf! Still hearing of cows over 40″, like the one Joe caught and our friend John caught his first keeper striped bass yesterday – 30″, that he released safely. Other reports of small cocktail blues. Lots of boats out there today as the weather is so beautiful and the water is nice and calm – so will hopefully receive some reports.

We have fresh bunker and bloodworms today and of course salted clam.