Daily Report

It is another hot and humid, sunny morning in Beach Haven. The wind is mild and continues to come out of the WSW this morning – which means the flies will continue to pester and causing the surf to be flat calm with 1-2 foot waves. Currently you will need 2-3 ounces to hold. The ocean temp is 74°. The air temp is 75° and heading to 83˚.

The bay is choppy and the temp is 76°.

Low tide is at 10:49AM and at 11382PM. High tide is at 4:56PM. 

The surf still has kingfish, fluke, cocktail blues, sand sharks and rays at night. In the bay there are some snappers, weakfish, blowfish and still receiving reports of fluke. The reefs have fluke and sea bass. Offshore we still have of anglers killing it with yellowfin. You have the whole weekend to still out-fish Tre and his 6.4lb fluke for the store tournament. Go get it!