Daily Report

It is a clear, beautiful, sunny and comfortably cool morning in Beach Haven. There is a mild breeze out of the WNW. The surf is a bit rough with 4-5 foot waves. Currently you will need 6-7 ounces to hold. The ocean temp is 73°. The air temp is 67° and heading to 78˚.

The bay is choppy and the temp is 71°.

Low tide is at 1:11PM. High tide is at 7:08AM and 7:19PM.

The surf is still a bit rough and dirty, but should be settling down as the day wears on, so kingfish and fluke should be around. Before the weather passed through we were receiving reports of snap blues in the surf and some in the bay. The fluke seem to less plentiful right out back, but still around the inlet and definitely the reefs. No off-shore reports as of late due to weather.

Good luck to locals fishing the Mid-Atlantic tourney.