Daily Report

Good Morning!

It is a COLD but sunny and clear morning in Beach Haven.  The surf was moderate this morning with 2-3 foot waves.  Its breezy this morning coming from the NNW.  The ocean temp is 48°.  4 to 5 ounces should hold.  The air temp is currently 34° and heading to 46°!

The bay is a little choppy and 45°.

High tide is at 9:25AM and 9:57PM. Low tide is at 3:56PM.

It’s beautiful this morning – yet COLD.   Still getting reports of shorts of the surf – but again, quite a bit of action using a diamond jig and teaser or a No Shorts swim shad.  Bunker is working too, but you will pickup some dogfish as well.  As for the boats this morning, had a report that it is a little rough out there with white caps and spray.  We have not had a Derby weigh-in in a while.  The Bruce Hoagland $250 prize is still up for grabs!