Daily Report

Good Morning!

It is a calm cloudy, damp morning in Beach Haven.  Its not raining, but the air is damp.  The surf is calm right now with 1-2 foot waves.  Not much wind yet – slight S breeze this morning.  The ocean temp is 50°.  2 to 3 ounces should hold.  The air temp is currently 53° and heading to 58°!

The bay is flat calm and 46°.

High tide was at 7:52AM and 8:16PM. Low tide is 2:24PM.

It’s the calm before the storm…  Its a “calm” morning with just a slight breeze right now but the winds are going to pick up as the day gets on.  Still getting reports of plenty of action on the surf – still just short.  But they are coming down.  Ken R. caught a nice fish from his boat just off the red tower at the 3 mile mark yesterday morning.