Daily Report

Good Morning,

Sorry no report yesterday, we were out of town.

Right now at the surf it is cloudy but not foggy nor overcast. The waves are 3 to 4 feet, but not too bad. You should hold with 5 to 6 ounces. The ocean temp is 48° and the air temp is 55°, heading to 59°. The winds are brisk, out of the NE.

High tide is at 1:31PM and low at 7:23PM.

The bay is relatively flat, but a tad choppy, with no visible white caps. I did see a 24′ center console heading south in the bay and it was moving fine.

We have had a number of reports from our friends at Riptide, Grumpy’s and Surf City Bait and Tackle with keepers on the surf. Also had reports of drum and more shorts in the bay. The was also an unsubstantiated report of kingfish, not sure exactly where, but that would be interesting and we keep our ears open for more kingfish info.