Daily Report

Good Morning,

Beautiful Beach Haven morning!  A little hazy but its already burning off and its going to be a beautiful day.   The surf is calm with waves of 3 to 4 feet . The wind is a mild  out of the SW and will pick up slightly as the day goes on.  3 to 4 ounces should hold fine.  The ocean temp is 75°. The air temp is currently 70° and heading to 82°.

The bay is calm and 75°.

High tide is at 2:22PM. Low tide is at 8:49AM and 9: 39.

Surf still hot with kingfish, fluke and cocktail blues.   The bay has fluke, weakfish, blowfish and snapper blues. Off shore is yielding sea bass and fluke.  Mike got this 18″ yesterday in the inlet.