A lot of action yesterday!

As I said yesterday – there is a lot to fish for right now! Captain Jonathan Kelly of LBI Sportfishing crushed it out at the wrecks with Sea Bass on opening day. They had non stop action and were able to keep 30 sea bass using salted clam from the shop! In the bay Tony started the day with 3 weakfish ending the day keeping this 22″. He was using a 3.5 ripper shad from Northeast Jig company. They will be in stop this weekend. Also in the bay, Capt. Connor Smilon had some fluke success. He and his crew caught two 20″ keeper fluke. This one weighing-in at 2.74lbs.

In the surf I received this report from Joe Moeckel: Thanks for helping an out of stater with bait and techniques! Lots of time fishing California surf over my 70 years, but first time on the east coast.  Finally got out after the storms.  Fished Sunday with nothing but Tuesday morning got a 37” fish, first cast on salted clams and circle hooks! Kept it for dinner and headed home.
Back again today, just for fun planning to release anything if I got lucky.  Fished all morning, one bite, about to give up but ……. one more cast and bam!  Caught this one, felt heavier, measured quick at 40”+, got a couple of pics, and put it back!  Gotta love it!  Feels great to watch a big healthy fish swim away to fight another day!

And to end the day, last evening Rob Zarko caught this over 40″ striper. Also released safely to swim another day.

Today we have fresh shucked clam and surf clams.