12 Days of Flukemas!

12 Days until Fluke Season open on May 22nd! Come back each day and see what we have to help you catch the big one!

On the first day of Flukemas, There is nothing sweeter, than Jingles having swivels, hooks, TA clips and leader!

On the second day of Flukemas, Jingles has in bags and bulk, all the gulp you can hope!

On the third day of Flukemas, Jingles has for me, tackle from M3!

On the fouth day of Flukemas, Jingles makes me feel, like I could use a new Penn reel.

On the fifth day of Flukemas, Jingles makes me feel, like I could use a new conventional reel.

On the sixth day of Flukemas, while the kids play with their shovels and pails, come on in and stock up on your bucktails!

On the seventh day of Flukemas, join the masses, and come get some sunglasses!

On the eigth day of Flukemas, stop in to see our new digs, and while you’re here, don’t forget to pick up some fluke rigs!!

On the ninth day of Flukemas, have nothing with which to fillet? Come buy a knife at Jingles today!

On the tenth day of Flukemas, give yourself the nod, come by Jingles and get a new rod!

On the eleventh day of Flukemas, be aware of fishing mumbo jumbo, and be sure to have to have your favorite combo!

On the twelfth day of Flukemas, it’s time to end the carol, but how about you come in and get some apparel!