Sinkers for Surf Fishing

5 Types of Sinkers

Pyramid sinker

Pyramid: The most commonly used sinker in the surf. The pyramid-style sinker digs into the sand after the cast, but can pop out, at which point its flat sides will slide or roll over the bottom, if the current is too rough.


Coin: The flat, “coin” sinker is a good choice for targeting kingfish. While this sinker does stay in place, it can easily be dragged across the bottom, kicking up sand like a small calico crab digging in to avoid danger.


Wedge: The wedge or “frog tongue” sinker is the top choice for big baits in strong surf. This style of sinker digs deep into a sandy bottom and its concave top resists being pulled free. The downside is that it can be a bear to retrieve, with the top catching the bottom on the entire way in.


Hatteras: The Hatteras-style or storm sinker holds better than a pyramid, but not as well as a wedge sinker. It’s a popular choice in muddy back bays, and many fishermen believe that, ounce-for-ounce, it casts better than a pyramid sinker.


Sputnik: This teardrop-shaped sinker is molded around several wires that dig into the sand or mud bottom, providing a firm hold. The wires will “trip” on the retrieve, making it much easier to reel in than the wedge-style sinker