Daily Report

It’s a beautiful sunny morning here in Beach Haven today! Currently, the wind is strong coming from the SW at about 19 mph. The surf is moderate with 2-3 foot waves coming at a quick frequency. You will need 3-4 oz to hold. The temp is currently 59° and heading to 64°. The ocean temp is 48°.

The bay is calm and 51°.

Low tide is at 12:42AM and 1:08PM. High tide is at 6:42AM and 7:14PM.

Anglers are getting stipers in the bay on bloodworms and paddle tails and also getting some striper bites in the surf on clams and bunker! Tog are being picked up off the rocks at the lighthouse. Don’t forget to sign up for the Spring Derby – and we also have our Jingles Spring In-Store Striper/Bluefish tournament. Same time frame as the derby and $10 to enter. AND, a $25 gift card for the first fish weighed in at the store!

Today we have live surf clams in the shell and shucked clams in pints and quarts. We also have bloodworms.