Daily Report

Today has started out mostly cloudy, and much cooler here in Beach Haven. The dark clouds are moving out and we should end up with a nice sunny September day! Currently, the wind has settled down also now out of the WNW at about 12mph. The surf is moderate with 3 to 4 foot waves. You will need at about 5-6 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 62° and heading to 70°. The ocean temp is 73°.

The bay is calm and 71°.

Low tide is 4:29AM and 5:04PM. High tide is at 10:42AM and 11:05PM.

In the surf, there are kingfish and cocktail blues. Have also had a report of a small striper. In the bay, there are plenty of blowfish, snappers and also weakfish. 

The 67th Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic starts on Saturday, Oct. 9th. Come on in and sign up!

Today we have fresh mullet, fresh bunker and bloodworms.