Daily Report

We start today’s report with wishing Nola a Happy 7th Birthday!

It’s an overcast warm morning here in Beach Haven, but the sun is starting to come out! It’s a little windy this morning coming from the ESE at about 10mph. The surf is calm this morning with 1-2 foot waves. You will need about 3-4 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 74° and heading to 79°. The ocean temp is 75°.

The bay is clam and 72°.

Low tide is 3:59AM and 4:01PM. High tide is at 9:52AM and 9:55PM.

A handful of fluke weigh-ins yesterday! First we had Dave Lampman, from the Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club, with a 2.84lb, 20.5″ caught using minnows near the inlet. Then John Wall with a 4.22lb, 23.25″ using pink shine gulp. John was on the Miss Beach Haven. Both of those were Jingles tournament fish! Then we had Bob Severi, 5.10lbs, and 23.5″ at Little Egg Reef!! In the surf Connor had a few shorts, but they are out there along with kingfish, bluefish, sharks and rays. In the bay, fluke, weakfish, bluefish and some blowfish. Reports of bluefish in the inlet and crabbing still good.

Today we have fresh bunker, minnows and bloodworms.