Daily Report

It’s a beautiful, sunny, warm morning here in Beach Haven!! It’s going to be a great but hot day today. The wind is mild this morning coming from the SSW at about 6mph. The surf is calmer today with 2-3 foot waves and a couple bigger swells. You will need about 3-4 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 73° and heading to 79°. The ocean temp is 75°.

The bay is calm and 71°.

Low tide is 1:13AM and 1:02PM. High tide is at 7:09AM and 7:17PM.

It’s the start of a beautiful weekend so hoping we will see some weigh-ins! You can get kingfish, bluefish, fluke, sharks and rays in the surf and fluke in the bay along with weakfish, bluefish and some blowfish. The Miss Beach Haven caught a bunch of short fluke at Little Egg Reef and a couple keeper sea bass. Crabbing has being good.

Today we have minnows and bloodworms.