Daily Report

A warm overcast morning today in Beach Haven! There is a light wind blowing SE about 12mph. It’s the calm before the storm…. Batten down the hatches this afternoon as the tropical storm Elsa will be coming through tonight! Currently, the surf is calm with 1 to 2 foot waves. You will need about 3-4 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 75° and heading to 80°. The ocean temp is 74°.

The bay is calm and 73°.

Low tide is 1:42AM and 1:28PM. High tide is at 7:36AM and 7:44PM.

Three fluke weigh-ins yesterday and one the day before. First, store staffer David with two fluke on Tuesday – his biggest was 4.34lbs and 23″. Then yesterday, another store staffer Matt with one 2.34lbs. We also had Pat from the Beach Haven Yacht Club 2.9lbs, 20.25″ and then Joe Marcario with a store tourney entry – 4.5lbs, 24.5″. So as you see, the fluke are out there! Fluke are also in the surf, Connor is out with the advanced fishing clinic and caught a couple so far. Kingfish and blues also also in the surf, along with some sharks and rays. And you can still pick up some weakfish in the bay. Crabbing reports continue to be good with some big 6-7″ crabs!

Today we have minnows and bloodworms.