Daily Report

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm morning in Beach Haven. There is a slight breeze out of the SSW this morning. The surf is again calm with 1-2 foot waves. Currently you will need 2-3 ounces to hold. The ocean temp is 74°. The air temp is 75° and heading to 85˚.

The bay is calm and the temp is 76°.

Low tide is at 7:18PM. High tide is at 1:00PM.

The surf still has kingfish, some fluke, cocktail blues, sand sharks and rays at night. In the bay there are some snappers, weakfish, blowfish and maybe a fluke or two. The reefs have fluke and sea bass. Offshore we are receiving some good tuna reports!

I had a fun tuna run yesterday with Connor Smilon and Big John!! We brought in this nice 46 pound yellow fin on a Jingles spreader bar, made right here in the store. Note the water behind the boat and how calm it was. It was like a lake, over 50 miles out. A special thanks to the BHMTC for weighing and dressing it.