Daily Report

It is a clear, slightly overcast morning in Beach Haven. Patches of blue sky are peaking out so the sun is going to make its way out. There is a very slight breeze out of the SW. The surf is a bit calmer than yesterday with 3-4 foot waves. Currently you will need 4-5 ounces to hold. The ocean temp is 74°. The air temp is 68° and heading to 79˚.

The bay is flat calm and the temp is 73°.

Low tide is at 2:02PM. High tide is at 7:55AM and 8:06PM.

The surf has settled down a bit today so kingfish and fluke should be around. Reports of cocktail blues in the surf and some snappers in the bay. The fluke seem to less plentiful right out back, but still around the inlet and definitely the reefs.