Daily Report

Good Morning,

It is a partly cloudy morning in Beach Haven. The surf is rough with waves of 5 to 6 feet. The wind is strong and out of the ENE. The water temp is 72°. It will take 7 to 8 ounces to hold. The air temp is 64° and heading to 70°.

The bay is slightly choppy and 70°.

High tide is at 10:54AM and 11:21PM. Low tide is at 5:25PM.

There are still kingfish being caught in the surf, as well as cocktail blues and nice weakfish (as evidenced by our friend Scotty, who caught a sweet 25 1/4 inch, 5 pound even, in the surf in Holgate, on live mullet). The bay is still rife with blowfish, weakfish and snap blues. No off shore reports yesterday. Only 4 more days of fluke fishing left!!! Go get em while you can!!