Several Weigh-ins Yesterday

It was a busy day of weigh-ins at Jingles yesterday! We had three tournament weigh-ins. First one was Merle Van Liere 30 1/2″, 10.04lb bass. Merle got his in North Beach on Bunker.
Striped Bass 30-1/2" 10 lbs

Next Melisa Fillman came in with a 29 1/4″, 8,22lb bass. Melisa was in Peahala Park and she also used Bunker.
Striped Bass 29-1/4" 8.22 lbs

Then later in the day Gary Grippaldi brought in a bass he caught during his lunch break – a 30 1/4″, 10.24lbs bass. Gary got his in Holgate and he used a 3oz bucktail!
Striped Bass 30-1/4" 10.24 lbs

Congratulations Merle, Melisa and Gary!

Temperatures this morning are 39 degrees going up to about 51 again. Its going to stay mild for one more day and then its going to get a bit cooler on Wed. Winds are a slight 11mph blowing NNE. Water temp is about 51 degrees.