Striped Bass 28-1/4", 7.3 lbs.

Mild Morning for Catching Bass

Well it is a mild morning, but it won’t be mild for much longer as winter is going to start moving in! There is a little bit of a drizzle this morning and its 52 degrees temps but will drop to the low 40’s by nightfall. Its a little breezy this morning with winds WNW about 29mph. Water temp is just below 51 degrees.

There were 12 striped bass tournament weigh-ins yesterday – yes 12!! The largest was almost 15 lbs. One of those weigh-ins was at Jingles. Tim Scattergood weighed-in a bass that was 28 1/4″ and 7.3 lbs. He caught it in Beach Haven using Bunker. Congrats Tim!