Kingfish, fluke, and rays – OH MY

Kingfish and fluke getting more plentiful off the surf.  Kingfish are getting bigger.  Fluke are mostly still shorts, but they are there and there has been a lot of action.  Lots of big sharks still and rays a plenty.  We were on the beach yesterday (Yes, we were at the beach!) and we saw two rays just swimming around in the hole right in front of us.

In the back the fluking continues… John Wall is now in 2nd place for the Jingles In-Store tournament by hooking up this 5.30lb, 26.5″ fluke.

Nice morning today currently with temperature at 72.  Sun should come out and will get to the mid 70’s today.  Water temp is also in the low 70’s and winds are NE at about 11mph.