Kids Fishing Clinic – back by popular demand – Now twice a week!!

Every Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9AM. 

Get your kids hooked on a wholesome sport they can do their entire lives!  How to cast a spinning rod, difference between rigs and lures, what to fish for and more.  (Parents must be present because YOU will be the ones helping your children when they get out there and fish after the clinic!)

Kids Fishing Clinic:

  • Cost is $47 per person – includes a rod/reel combo, tackle box, lure, rig and about 45 minutes of instruction and a T-shirt.
  • Learn how to cast properly, tie your knot, what rigs you use for what fish.
  • Parents must accompany their kids as you will be the ones helping them when they do go fishing!
  • Limited to 8 kids per clinic.
  • Meet at Jingles. The clinic is run at the end of 13th street at the bay.

*Kids can choose from:  4’6″ Tomahawk, 5′ Eagle Claw, 5’6” or 6’6” Bracer, or a 6’ Navigator.