It was a black drum day!

We had four black drum come in for weigh-ins yesterday – three were from one person!  All caught on clam.  First Brad from the Jolly Roger had a 28.5″, 13.88 drum caught in Holgate.  Then Richard Sherman came in just before closing with not one, but THREE black drum caught in Beach Haven in a matter of a couple hours.  He had twin black drums, 31.75″, 20.52lbs and 32.75 and 20.5lbs and then a 30.25 and 15.96lbs.

Reports of blues and stipers continue out front and reports of more fluke in the back.  23″ seems to be the length I hear over and over….

Nice day, sunny and low 70’s.  Wind is around 5mph but will pick up as the day gets on.