Derby starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow starts the 64th Annual LBI Fishing Classic!   Come to the store to sign up – $30 gets you a hat, and for a only a limited time longer, a Derby T-shirt.  Prizes each day for striped bass and bluefish.  Segment prizes for a red drum.  There are also special prizes each day (check those out on our home page).  In addition we will offer a $25.00 gift card for the first derby fish weighed in here at Jingles!

There continus to be cocktail blues, kingfish and fluke off the surf.   Snap blues in the bay still, and Sea Bass opens again on Monday – 10 fish at 12.5″

Saturday will also be the start of the Jingles In-Store Fall Tournament!  $10 entry free.  Prizes will be 60% of pool for the biggest striped bass (minimum 28″) and 40% of the pool for the biggest bluefish (minimum 28″).   We also have a Yeti trucker hat (donated by Farias Surf Shop in Beach Haven) for the first 10 fish weighed in for the In-Store Derby only.  Winners will be determined by weight.  Ties will be determined by length.   You must enter the tournament before you catch your fish for weigh-in!  Surf only.

Get out there and get fishing!!