It’s a overcast morning today in Beach Haven, possible showers may still come through today. Winds are currently S at about 24mph. The surf is ROUGH with 4-5 foot waves . The LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 49°. The air temp is currently 55° and heading to 62°.

The bay is relatively calm and 50°.

Low tide is at 5:31AM and 5:27PM. High tide is at 11:33AM and 11:49PM

Bay fishing still hot with striped bass using bloodworms. Also hearing of some kingfish being caught. Not too much on the surf yet.

The Spring Derby and the Jingles In-Store Tournaments have started! Come on in and register for both. Details on our webpage. (Plus a $25 gift card for each the first striped bass and first bluefish weighed in here at the store!)

We have bloodworms this morning! Don’t forget your bait bucket. If you do not have one, we have Jingles Bait Buckets for just $3! Catching fish?? Send us your reports to jinglesbait@comcast.net!