Daily Report

It’s the last day of the 69th Annual LBI Classic Surf Fishing tournament! It’s also an overcast day with sprinkles on and off and heavy storms on the way later today. Currently winds are coming from the S at about 13mph. Currently, the surf is calm with 1-2 foot waves . You will need 4-5oz to hold. The LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 46°. The air temp is currently 54° and heading to 57°.

The bay is calm and 44°.

Low tide is at 11:54AM and 11:51PM. High tide is at 5:25AM and 5:42PM.

The striper are here and blitzing! There have been 10 tournament striper weigh-ins between yesterday afternoon and this morning – from Loveladies to Brant Beach! Most on the incoming high tide and one on clam, one on bunker and the rest on ava jigs and artificials. Here at Jingles we had two weigh-ins. Our very own Tony Cucinotta finally got his keeper – 9.44# and 29″ on artificial in Brant Beach. And Missy Fillman caught a nice one – 10.56# and 30 7/8″ on bunker. Hers was non-tournament. The tournament ends today so you can weigh fish in up to 6pm to count. To see live results and get more information go to www.lbisfc.com.

**Please remember the Dos & Don’ts for how to handle a striped bass for catch and release. There is a great article you can read on our home page as well as a laminated card here at the shop.**

Today we have EELS! PLEASE BRING A BUCKET!! If you do not have one, we have Jingles Bait Buckets for just $3! Catching fish?? Send us your reports to jinglesbait@comcast.net!