Daily Report

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Beach Haven today – not a cloud in the sky! Currently winds are strong coming from the NW at about 15mph. Currently, the surf is flat calm with 0-1 foot waves. You will need 3-4oz to hold. The LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 58°. The air temp is currently 45° and heading to 49°.

The bay is choppy and 49°.

Low tide is at 1:45AM and 2:33PM. High tide is at 7:50AM and 8:12PM.

Once again – a tog weigh-in AND striped bass weigh-in for the LBI Classic – both up on Barnegat Light! There have been a handful of oversized bass entered into the Surf Master part of the tournament too! You can also see those listed on the LBI Classic website. You can register for the Classic right up until the last day so don’t miss out! All information and Live Results for the LBI Classic are available on the website at www.lbisfc.com.

**Please remember the Do’s & Dont’s for how to handle a striped bass for catch and release. There is a great article you can read on our home page.**

Today we have FRESH BUNKER, SURF CLAMS, GREEN CRABS and EELS! PLEASE BRING A BUCKET!! If you do not have one, we have Jingles Bait Buckets for just $3! Catching fish?? Send us your reports to jinglesbait@comcast.net!