Daily Report

Good Morning,

A beautiful Beach Haven morning!  The morning started out slightly hazy but its burning off already and is going to be a beautiful clear day.  The surf is calm with 1 to 2 foot waves. The water temp is 72.  2 to 3 ounces will hold fine this morning. The air temp is currently 74° and heading to 81°.

The bay is calm and 74°.

High tide is 4:23PM. Low tide is 10:15AM and 10:59PM.

Again, kingfish, kingfish, kingfish….we are still getting multiple reports.  Also multiple reports of blues in the surf as well as people are catching fluke.  We weighed in a 3.88lb fluke caught in the surf yesterday caught by Cory – Connor was his guide yesterday for his catch.  The bay is still producing fluke – in fact, John Wall is now the leader for the Beach Haven Cup with a 7.6 pounder caught behind Holgate.   Also still getting reports of blowfish and sea bass in the bay too.  Crabbing continues to do well.  A lot going on out there!!  Have a great day!