Daily Report

It’s an overcast morning here in Beach Haven today but the sun should make it way out soon. Currently, winds are coming from the W at about 11mph. Currently, the surf is calm with 1-2 foot waves. You will need 3-4oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 65°. The air temp is currently 58° and heading to 75°.

The bay has a slight chop and 62°.

Low tide is at 4:28AM and 4:26PM. High tide is at 10:18AM and 10:36PM.

As I have been saying, the striped bass and bluefish are still out there! We had two weigh-ins yesterday, neither were tournament, and a few pictures sent to me. First A King weigh-ed in this 8.62#, 32″ striper caught on clams, and then Ben and Jeff weighed in a 7.98#, 29″ striper. Then Jake and Sam came in and sent me their pictures – Jake with a 44.5″ bass on clams and Sam with a 45″ bass on bunker. Bluefish out there still too – Krystyna sent me this picture of Walter and his two bluefish caught using mullet. There are also fluke in the surf. In the bay there are fluke, weakfish and some small blues. Out at Little Egg Reef, you can still pick up sea bass (10 per person) until June 19th.

Two boats went out yesterday for the BHMTC Tuna Open. There were a couple yellowfin weighed in so far! You can follow the progress of the tournament and all the weigh-ins at www.tunaopen.com.

Today we have BUNKER, SURF CLAMS and MINNOWS! And a reminder to bring in your bait bucket when coming for bait. If you do not have a bucket, we have Jingles Bait Buckets for just $3!