Daily Report

Good Morning,

It is beautiful in Beach Haven this morning. The surf is flat calm with no waves to very small one footers. The wind is mild and out of the SSW. 2 to 3 ounces will hold bottom. The ocean temp is 64°. The air temp is 71° and heading to 86°.

The bay is calm and 73°.

High tide is at 8:09AM and 8:20PM. Low tide is at 2:21AM and 2:14PM.

The surf is rife with snap blues, king fish and fluke. The bay is crushing with fluke shorts, but there are some keepers in there too. The Miss Beach Haven had a BANNER day, yesterday, just out back in Beach Haven with dozens of keepers and uncountable shorts. We went out to Little Egg reef yesterday, I am supposing they were looking for fluke and sea bass (opened yesterday till Aug. 31). I saw one fluke keeper catch. A lot of successful shark fishing going on in the evening, please shark fish RESPONSIBLY, know your rules, know your responsibility to safely return the shark. Know what to do, BEFORE you do it. Stop in to Jingles for information and details.