Daily Report

It’s a partly sunny morning today in Beach Haven . Winds are coming from the NW at about 14mph. Currently, the surf is a relatively calm with 2-3 foot waves. You will need 3-4 oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 60°. The air temp is currently 57° and heading to 67°.

The bay has a slight chop and 61°.

Low tide is at 3:58AM and 3:48PM. High tide is at 9:50AM and 9:57PM.

There were two spring derby weigh-ins over the past couple of days. Pat Ciervo weighed one in up in Surf City and Danny Federico had one from Friday night weighed in here yesterday morning – 14.28#, 34.75″ using surf clams in Holgate. Also heard many reports of bass and blues still as well as shown here by Gary Rowles and this oversized cow – he was using bunker. They are both working!

In the bay, there are weakfish, fluke and blues.

Today we have FRESH BUNKER!