Daily Report

It’s a partly sunny, cool morning here in Beach Haven today. Winds are coming from the SSE at about 16mph. Currently, the surf is a little rough with 2-3 foot waves, coming frequently due to the wind. You will need 5-6oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 61°. The air temp is currently 57° and heading to 60°.

The bay is calm and 57°.

Low tide is at 2:28AM and 2:33PM. High tide is at 8:19AM and 8:35PM.

We had a Spring Derby weigh-in last night by Andrew Federico which put him in currently in third place for the striped bass category. Andrew’s fish was 20.42# and 36″. The striped bass and bluefish are still out there in the surf as well as the fluke as the Gallens who were fishing for stripers and blues, picked out a few keeper fluke yesterday afternoon! And in the bay, there are weakfish and fluke and blues as well, as Jen Christie, who was fishing for fluke pulled out this bluefish! It’s a great time to get out and fish!

Today we have MINNOWS and SURF CLAMS!