Daily Report

It’s another mostly cloudy cool morning here in Beach Haven today. Winds are coming from the NNW at about 12mph. Currently, the surf is calm with 1-2 foot, waves. You will need 3-4oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 56°. The air temp is currently 47° and heading to 53°.

The bay has a slight chop and 52°.

Low tide is at 1:41AM ans 1:46PM. High tide is at 7:33AM and 7:55PM.

No weigh-ins yesterday but there were reports of stripers, bluefish and drum. Still waiting for a tournament bluefish weigh-in here for the store tournament so be the first to weigh-in a bluefish will get a $25 Jingles gift card! (You must be in the store tournament). Will also offer a $25 gift card for the first fluke weigh-in!

Today we have FRESH BUNKER and BLOODWORMS. Expecting clams sometime soon and we will have MINNOWS tomorrow morning!