Daily Report

It’s a mostly cloudy cool morning in Beach Haven today. Winds are mild coming from the W at about 10mph. Currently, the surf is calmer with 2-3 foot, waves. You will need 4-5oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 56°. The air temp is currently 50° and heading to 54°.

The bay has a slight chop and 53°.

Low tide is at 12:56AM ans 1:07PM. High tide is at 6:51AM and 7:19PM.

No weigh-ins yesterday, but Jaime and Heather were back at it and caught a handful more big stripers using clams. Also saw more reports of bluefish. Haven’t had a bluefish weigh-in yet for the store tournament so be the first to weigh-in a bluefish will get a $25 Jingles gift card! (You must be in the store tournament).

Fluke season is open so the Jingles In-Store fluke tournament is under way! $10 to enter and 100% payout for prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and a $25 Jingles gift card for 4th place! Tournament runs from May 2nd through Sept. 27nd.

Today we have BLOODWORMS. Expecting clams later in the week and we should have minnows on Thursday afternoon.