Daily Report

It’s a nice sunny, a little cooler, morning here in Beach Haven today. Winds are from the SW at about 11mph. Currently, the surf is flat calm with 0-1 foot waves. You will need 3-4 oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 54°. The air temp is currently 55° and heading to 60°.

The bay is just slightly choppy and 55°.

Low tide is at 1:07AM and 1:25PM. High tide is at 7:07AM and 7:34PM.

No derby weigh-ins the past couple of days but I did have lots of reports and pictures of people and their stripers. Most seem to be on clams – surf clams and salted clams. Heather caught her first bass ever at 25″ but then between her and Jamie they caught 7 bass that night. Here she is with a bigger one. Bryan and Casey also caught this 30″ bass. And Jack Smith who made the picture on Sunday has some success plugging with this bass that was released. And Leo Grippaldi caught this 33″ keeper.

Today we have bloodworms! Have a great day!